Back Trail Candle

Back Trail Candle

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There’s something special about this time of year.

There’s the usual things we think of when we start to think of fall - the noticeable change in the weather, the sounds of geese overhead as they start making up their mind that it’s time to start thinking about heading south, folks pulling out those favourite sweaters and ol’ camp coats.

Around these parts, fall marks one of our favourite times to escape to the woods. It really is the best time to wander down that old bush trail south of the family farm. It’s almost Narnia like in how special it feels. The trees donning their autumn foliage. A sea of colour. A stillness and calm.

Walking under the mighty trees, the family pooch close behind, you can’t help but to stop and take it all in. The natural beauty. The wonder of it all. With each step you find yourself drawn into looking at something new. Admiring the shape of another tree, or how the leaves have transformed from just a few weeks back. Even the big ol’ spruce and cedar look more saturated; their boughs swaying and leaving you wonder if they look a darker green than they did just days earlier.

With a turn of the head and a look back, it’s impossible to not smile and let your mind wander and escape to the mystery and magic of that hidden back trail.

Contains base notes of earthy and herbaceous patchouli and red cedar with middle notes of deep green herbs, black currant, clove, thyme and top notes of tobacco leaf and patchouli.

Pure soy wax

Fine fragrance oil

Cotton core wick

8oz lowball glass tumbler - 45 to 50 hour burn time