Bloom Candle

Bloom Candle

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There was nothing that our Mom loved more than spending time in her garden

It was her happy place. She’d spend as many hours out there as she could from spring thru fall, and then would spend the winter months brainstorming new ideas, hunting down new gardening books and figuring out what grow in that heavy clay that was so prevalent around the farmyard

While there were the usual peas, beans and potatoes, her true love was the beautiful flowers that would come up each year. A sea of blossoms would appear each summer, made up of perennials that had been passed down thru the family, wild flowers that had been dug up from alongside back road ditches, or saved from abandoned farmyards, annuals and more. Plus, because of who she was, you’d always find random wild flowers shooting up among the vegetable rows, with her saying “they’re too pretty to pull out, why wouldn’t I leave them.”

Bloom, our take on those summer gardens is a fragrant blend of Forget Me Not, wild rose, jasmine, violets and plumeria, plus a bit of tagete essential oil to bring it all together. Find yourself getting lost in the summer days, awash with the fragrance of her wild country garden

Pure soy wax, fine fragrance oil, cotton core wick

8oz lowball glass tumbler - 45 to 50 hour burn time