Lemon Peel + Basil Candle

Lemon Peel + Basil Candle

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TOP NOTES: Lemon Peel, Grapefruit
MIDDLE NOTES: Garden Basil

It's easy to tell you about why we love our Lemon Peel + Basil candle. There's just something about the invigorating power of citrus notes. Freshly squeezed lemons come together with a hint of grapefruit and the aromatic and herbaceous green notes of freshly picked garden basil.

Lemon is known for its ability to uplift and increase your levels of norepinephrine, a brain chemical linked to motivation and decision making. There's just something about lighting this scent up and feeling that sense of sunshine that it brings to a space. Clean, refreshing and uplifting are just a few of our favourite words to describe this creation.

Fragrance designed and poured by hand in Winnipeg, Manitoba with 100% soy wax for an eco-friendly clean burn. We use cotton wicks and premium fragrance oils. Like all Farmer's Son Co. candles, this one is vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and petroleum-free.

7.5oz glass jar with lid, textured paper label

35 to 40 hour burn time