Natural Sisal Washcloth

Natural Sisal Washcloth

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For a firm but gentle exfoliation, nothing beats natural sisal fiber. It’s soft enough to use on your face, serious enough to clean behind your ears, + strong enough to scrub away dry skin on your knees, elbows, nose or toes.

Sisal, the name for fiber pulled from the agave plant, is used by cultures all over the world for everything from rugs to hats. Here, it is woven in a washcloth that softens when wet, providing gentle exfoliating for the whole body.

This Natural Agave Washcloth is amazing for gently exfoliating skin. It is used to invigorate and soften skin, expose fresh skin cells and help to stimulate circulation for the growth of new cells.

Get a good scrub all over from this natural sisal fiber washcloth. The soft underside helps hold the suds and is gentle enough for the face. Corner loop makes it easy to hang to dry between washes.

Not only does it exfoliate your body, but it can also be used when cleaning dishes or around the home.

Unpackaged, composable + made with 100% natural sisal fibre. 

Use 2-3 times a week to exfoliate skin. One side of the wet cloth is perfect for body exfoliation while the other side is softer for sensitive areas such as your face. Rinse and hang to dry between uses.