Sisal Body Brush
Sisal Body Brush

Sisal Body Brush

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Achieve healthy + glowing skin. Body brush in the morning + start your day invigorated + energized. For a stress-relieving pampering session in the evening, use slow long strokes + enjoy the relaxing body massage that our body brushes offer. Either way, enjoy the pampering feeling of body brushing + achieve smooth, healthy and glowing skin.

Natural Bristle Dry Body Brush is made from hardwearing beechwood + natural bristles allowing you a professional salon body brushing experience in your own home.

Best used dry, dry body brushing improves the appearance of the skin + also benefits the body below the surface of the skin.

Without regular exfoliating, dead skin cells can build up, causing the skin to appear dull, dry and flaky. Exfoliating them away encourages the skin to glow and appear brighter and healthier, plus it helps to prevent blocked pores which can lead to blemishes, breakouts and ingrown hairs. Dry body brushing also encourages blood flow to the skin, delivering essential nutrients + oxygen + stimulates the removal of toxins from the body via lymphatic drainage. It will also help to reduce the appearance of + prevent the development of cellulite, making the skin firmer + more toned.

Made from naturally sourced materials, this body brush is an eco-friendly + stylish addition to any bathroom. If you use this brush with water, make sure it’s allowed to dry properly with each use to maintain its look + integrity.

Use small circular movements to massage dry skin, paying particular attention to the thighs, buttocks +  stomach before showering. Follow with a hydrating body moisturizer.